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  Little Greenbrier School


  Mileage From Start: 1.1
  Latitude of Intersection At Walker Sisters Cabin: N35 41.63383'
  Longitude At Cabin: W83 37.80177'
  Elevation: 2,080.48

     We start this tour just across the road from the parking are for Little Greenbrier Schoolhouse.  You proceed up the 'road-wide' trail, and just a short distance is the locked gate that prevents automobile traffic from proceeding, just past the gate on your right is a sign reading Walker Sisters Cabin 1.1 miles.  As you proceed approximately 3/4 of a mile, the trail comes to a Y, picture soon, (which is UNMARKED) make SURE you take the RIGHT fork, which turns towards the cabin.  

     As you near the clearing, you first see a sign, then on your left is a spring house, a building used as a refrigerator to keep perishable items cool.  Further on our left is the corn crib.  Then ahead on your right is the Walker Sisters Cabin.



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